Today I’m finishing up the pinwheel baby quilt…

I have to specify the Pinwheel BABY quilt, because I’m also working on the pinwheel quilt for my daughter.  Here’s the play by play of the baby quilt.

Ok, so I started this quilt a year ago…no wait, let me go back further.  About 12 years ago, I made flannel rag quilts for a friend of mine’s triplets.  They were in primary colors, very bold and bright.  I had stacks of squares left over, which sat forever.  Fast forward to just over a year ago… my daughter was expecting my first grandson, and I decided to take the stacks of squares, trim them down, and make HST (Half Square Triangles) with them.  I won’t get into a specific tutorial here, since there are tons of good ones on the web, but here are some pictures of the process.

SketchingPinwheelIdeaFirst, I start with a general drawing of my quilt idea.  In this case, I knew I had limited fabric of each color, so I had to get creative in the lay out.

The second part is to sandwich your squares together, draw a line diagonally from one corner to the other.  Then stitch 1/4′ on both sides of that line. Using a rotary cutter and ruler, then cut down the original line, separating the two halves.

Seen here:

sewOnEitherSideofLine CutOnLine

I ended up with a stack of these:


Press! Press! Press!

hstViola! Half square triangles galore!

The next part is kind of tricky, getting the HST to line up to make pinwheels.  You want to see the red (or dark) touching.  I’m a little off here, but corrected it before sewing.


Here I’m on my Pfaff Grand Quilter Hobby 1200.




perfectPinwheelPointsBackIf you sew four HST together, you get a pinwheel!Here’s what it looks like from the back, and here’s what it looks like from the front:


Did I mention, Press! Press! Press!?!?!


PinwheelsLayoutTryHere I’m trying out the layout.  Notice I’m not sure what to do there in the middle. My original plan of different pinwheels didn’t turn out.  Here’s what I went with instead:

PinwheelQUiltTopFinishedNearlyI switched up the blocks surrounding the red square in the center. We’ll just say that was intentional and no further questions, mkay?

What am I doing with that big red square do you ask?

Well, I used my new embroidery machine to put the baby’s name in there!

TeddyEmbroidIt came out really well, I think.

Here’s a shot of it before I put the binding on.  It didn’t come out perfect, but I’m sure the baby won’t mind too much.

10410541_10152379006274854_2947585651353385468_nI used high loft poly batting, so it would have a very poofy look. And it does. 😀

The last part of any quilt is the binding.  Here I am pinning the heck out of the trifold bias tape (purchased),



and above is a picture of the corner finished. It came out perfect. LOVE when binding looks good.

In the coming weeks I’ll be opening my doors to accept quilts for binding.  Since I know a lot of quilters out there dislike the binding part, and I find it rather relaxing.

I hand stitch the back of the binding, usually.  It’s a much cleaner look on the front, I think.  Anyway, that’s the story of my Pinwheel Baby Quilt.  I’ll post a picture of it when it’s completely finished (if I remember).