Boy is this true! Quilty Confidence

Gosh I’m having a down day.  I probably shouldn’t blog when I’m down, but maybe it will help others to know that we all have those days.  I’m seeing all the great “Best of Show” quilts coming through twitter and instagram from Quiltcon, and wow…I’m feeling mighty insecure.  Mighty is actually quite the understatement.

Where do I start?   “The backtracking is too obvious in my quilting.  That line is wobbly and those two lines are too close together.  I should have made this concentric swirl bigger and that one smaller.  My thread broke and now I have a start and stop in the middle of the quilt.  REAL QUILTERS would NEVER have those problems!!!!”

Does that voice live in your head too?  Mine goes on:

“No one liked my Facebook page today. There are no new views on my blog.  No followers on Instagram, still???  My twitch livestream only has 4 views.  Twitter? Oh don’t get me started!!!”

Yeah, it’s really bad today.  “I wonder why someone is paying me to quilt their top.  I should give them their top back and apologize for wasting their time.  I’ll just ruin their quilt.  I’m too new to charge anyone for doing this.  I just plain suck.”

Then I walked over to my piano, took this frame down, and took a picture of it:

Remember This!
Remember This!

“Comparison is the Thief of Joy” Teddy Roosevelt.

My best friend Sheri gave me this for my Birthday, or Christmas (I opened presents on reverse days – perils of being a December Baby).  Anyway.  Boy did I – Do I – need this today! My confidence in myself dipped way low…simply because I was comparing myself to the BEST QUILTERS IN THE WORLD.

So, of course I felt inferior.

I’m more of a worker bee at this stage of the game.  Which is fine, it’s just where I’m at.  Maybe some day I’ll be in a quilt show, or maybe not.  I don’t know.  For now I’ll continue to do what I do well, and try to just have fun doing it.

And that is pretty freaking awesome.


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