My Daughter’s Pinwheel Quilt

I’m so excited to finally be posting about this.  I actually finished this quilt awhile ago, and blogged about it briefly on my other site, SewMessy.  But I really wanted to do it justice here.

I started work on it on the original HandiQuilter II frame and domestic sewing machine.

While I had used this many times before, this was the first time I had set it up on the plastic table, and I think that caused all manner of issue.  The domestic machine I used was my Pfaff Hobby GrandQuilter, which is extremely heavy.  This caused the table to sag in the middle, and the rails of the handquilter II to be mis-matched at the seams.  Thus, when I would roll over the seams, a very distinct bump was visible in my quilting lines.  It was the most frustrating experience, I assure you!  I had hoped to finish Zoe’s quilt for her college graduation, but this quilting disaster kept me from not only enjoying the process, but making any headway.

In August of 2014, hubby bought me my new baby, here she is boxed up after the quilt show:

10423946_10152537850754854_4948828833420926690_nAnd here she is set up in the sewing palace, finally: 10653866_10152607051344854_77533943319069727_nThe suggestion when you get a new long arm quilting machine is, of course, to put some throw away fabric on there and practice.  So I did what any quilter would do…ripped Zoe’s pinwheel quilt off the HandiQuilter II frame and put it on the new HandiQuilter Avante frame:

10351227_10152629126189854_2272566656921585557_nI immediately went to town, and went a little nuts. Here I’ve pebbled over top of the feathered hearts!  Whoops!


Here is a picture of Zoe’s pinwheel quilt on the machine from the front:10615442_10152620073309854_2064569779877701594_n-300x225

Here is a close up of the feathered hearts in the solid squares.  I did pebbling inside the heart, and stippling outside.pinwheelquiltheartfeather

Here I am pinning the binding to the quilt:10649651_10152642956954854_184420283992237003_n

And here I am whip-stitching the binding to the backing:10616413_10152644058639854_6159757106051061007_n

The corners came out SOOOOOO good.  I am tooting my own horn here, but I love it when the corners come up perfectly.  It’s such a struggle to get them to do so.  So I celebrate when they do!



Here it is all folded up on the arm of a comfy chair, FINISHED:10616349_10152649371784854_8375820616701854945_n-225x300

And finally a shot of the whole thing finished.  10516751_10152649371394854_2666134508293768178_n-225x300

Now, I can tell the blocks that were quilted before the Avante, and those with the Avante.  I don’t know that my daughter can, though and that’s all that matters!  She washed it and it is so cuddly now.  It came out so amazing.  To think I started this quilt FIFTEEN years earlier.  Possibly longer!  That’s amazing, isn’t it?  We need to stick with our UFO’s and make sure they eventually get done!

Anyway – I hope I’ve done it justice here for you.  I hope I’ve conveyed what a joy finishing this quilt has been, and how much I adore the new long arm! 😀

Happy Quilting!


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