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My local sewing machine dealer lacks customer service

I’m so sick of the (lack of) customer service I get at my local sewing machine dealer.  I simply must vent!

It never fails that I leave feeling like the interaction was painful, but this time was excruciating.  I called to inquire about a certain part.  As I tried to explain, I was interrupted multiple times.  I was peppered with questions with an undertone of “why on earth are you asking ME?”  When I thought we were finally on the same page about the next steps, the person on the other end of the phone said, “But I’ll have to FIND OUT if we can even order that piece.”  As if that would require EFFORT and God-Forbid we make her exert effort!!!

The thing is, I’ve worked retail. I know how hard it is, so I’m extremely nice to people in that position.  When I’m interrupted, when I’m peppered with questions with an attitude, and when I’m obviously putting you out asking you to take my money…well, I honestly consider taking my money elsewhere.

So I pulled up the googles and looked to find the other dealers in town…and there are…none.  The closest one is A LONG WAY away.  Think 2-3 hour drive.  :(

Which got me thinking, why are there so few of this specific maker’s dealers around? What would it take to open a dealership?  Maybe I could parlay my “hobby” of fixing up old sewing machines into a career as a dealer?  Just a thought.  A very nice one!


UPDATE – She never called me back to tell me if they could order the part. In the meantime I’ve decided to start repairing sewing machines in addition to the long arm quilting, basting and binding services I offer.  Maybe someday that will translate into a brick and mortar store where I can offer my favorite line of sewing machines.  Until then, I’ll just keep dreaming!